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Lime Caviar (Finger Lime)

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Lime Caviar (Finger Lime)

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Finger lime caviar, tiny citrus pearls bursting with zesty flavor and a unique texture.

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KD 5.200

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Lime Caviar (Finger Lime)

Lime Caviar, also known as Finger Lime, is a unique and exotic citrus fruit that captivates the senses with its distinctive appearance and burst of flavor. Resembling tiny, elongated pearls, the caviar-like vesicles within the fruit contain a zesty explosion of tangy citrus goodness. Native to Australia, this vibrant green or pinkish fruit has gained international acclaim for its culinary versatility and gourmet appeal.

The slender, finger-shaped pods house these tiny, jewel-like pearls, offering a textural delight that pops with every bite. Lime Caviar delivers a refreshing and intense citrus taste, combining elements of lime, grapefruit, and caviar-like texture that elevates a wide range of dishes. Chefs and food enthusiasts appreciate its ability to add a burst of flavor and a visually stunning element to salads, seafood, desserts, and beverages. This culinary gem not only enhances the sensory experience of food but also showcases the beauty and diversity of nature’s bounty, making Lime Caviar a sought-after ingredient for those seeking to elevate their gastronomic adventures.

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Indulge in the exquisite burst of flavor offered by our premium selection of Lime Caviar, also known as Finger Limes. Harvested from the pristine orchards, these tiny, jewel-like citrus pearls redefine culinary sophistication. With their elongated, caviar-like texture, each vibrant bead encapsulates a zesty explosion that elevates your gastronomic experience. Boasting a spectrum of colors, from translucent to vivid hues, our Finger Limes add a visually stunning touch to both sweet and savory dishes. Known for their exceptional citrusy tang, these unique pearls are a versatile addition to cocktails, salads, seafood, and desserts. Immerse yourself in a world of culinary innovation with our unparalleled Lime Caviar, where taste and elegance converge in every delightful pop.

Cultural Significance

Lime caviar, also known as Finger Lime, holds profound cultural significance as a culinary gem, revered for its unique texture and burst of tangy flavor. Indigenous to Australia, this tiny, bead-like citrus has transcended culinary boundaries, becoming a symbol of innovation in gastronomy. Its jewel-like appearance and versatile application in both sweet and savory dishes have elevated it to a coveted ingredient worldwide. Embraced by chefs and food enthusiasts alike, Lime Caviar’s cultural impact extends beyond borders, showcasing the rich diversity and sophistication of global culinary experiences.


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