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Grapes Green Jumbo (seedless)

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Grapes Green Jumbo (seedless)

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Large, seedless green grapes, offering a sweet and refreshing taste, ideal for snacking and making fruit platters.

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Grapes Green Jumbo (seedless)

Grapes Green Jumbo, a delightful variety of seedless grapes, captivates with its lush and vibrant appearance. These plump, emerald-green orbs boast a tantalizingly sweet flavor, making them a favored choice among fruit enthusiasts. Renowned for their jumbo size, each grape is a succulent burst of freshness, delivering a juicy and crisp texture that indulges the palate.?

The absence of seeds enhances the overall eating experience, allowing for uninterrupted enjoyment. Grapes Green Jumbo are not only a delectable treat but also a source of essential nutrients, including antioxidants and vitamins. Whether enjoyed on their own, as a refreshing addition to fruit salads, or as a healthy snack, these seedless grapes offer a burst of natural sweetness that elevates any culinary experience. With their appealing aesthetics and delicious taste, Grapes Green Jumbo stand as a testament to the bountiful pleasures that nature provides in each juicy, green morsel.

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Summer – Autumn

Avg. Shelf Life from Harvest

1 ? 2 weeks


Indulge your taste buds with the exquisite Green Jumbo grapes, a luscious and seedless variety that epitomizes sweetness and juiciness. Bursting with vibrant green hues, these grapes are a visual delight and a true testament to nature’s bounty. Each plump grape delivers a crisp texture, making every bite a refreshing experience. Savor the succulent juiciness as it floods your palate with a harmonious blend of sweetness and subtle tartness. Ideal for snacking or elevating culinary creations, Green Jumbo grapes stand out as a versatile and wholesome choice. Whether enjoyed on their own or as part of a culinary masterpiece, these grapes are sure to delight with their crisp, flavorful profile.

Cultural Significance

Grapes Green Jumbo (seedless) hold profound cultural significance, symbolizing abundance and fertility in various societies. Renowned for their succulence and vibrant color, these grapes are often featured in cultural rituals and celebrations, representing the sweetness of life and the harvest’s bountiful yield. Their seedless nature adds to their appeal, signifying purity and perfection in cultural contexts. Whether enjoyed in religious ceremonies or shared during festive gatherings, Grapes Green Jumbo (seedless) weave a tapestry of cultural richness and significance across diverse traditions.





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Store in cool, dry place




1 kg, 250g, 500g

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