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Chilli Habanero Green

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Chilli Habanero Green

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Green habanero chili peppers, known for their extreme spiciness and citrusy flavor, perfect for adding intense heat to dishes.

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Chilli Habanero Green

Chilli Habanero Green, renowned for its intense heat and vibrant flavor profile, is a fiery cultivar that commands attention. With origins in the Caribbean and Central America, this pepper variety is celebrated for its distinctive lime-green hue and lantern-like shape. Clocking in at scorching levels on the Scoville scale, the Habanero Green delivers a pungent heat that awakens the palate, making it a favorite among spice enthusiasts.

The flavor profile is a harmonious blend of citrusy undertones and a robust, fruity essence, offering a unique culinary experience. Whether diced into salsas, pickled for a spicy kick, or incorporated into hot sauces, Chilli Habanero Green adds depth and intensity to a variety of dishes. Handle with care, as the heat of this pepper is not for the faint of heart. Its striking appearance and bold taste make it a popular choice for those seeking to elevate their culinary creations with a burst of intense heat and a touch of tropical flair.

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Discover a fiery delight with our Chilli Habanero Green variety. These vibrant, small, lantern-shaped peppers pack a punch of intense heat and distinctive fruity undertones. With a Scoville rating that places them among the spiciest peppers globally, the Chilli Habanero Green adds an electrifying kick to your culinary creations. Whether diced into salsas, infused into hot sauces, or used to spice up marinades, these peppers bring a bold and dynamic flavor profile to any dish. Their brilliant green color hints at the explosive heat within, making them a visually stunning and gastronomically thrilling addition to your spice collection. Elevate your taste experience with the unparalleled heat of our Chilli Habanero Green.

Cultural Significance

The Chilli Habanero Green holds profound cultural significance globally, revered for its intense heat and distinctive flavor profile. Originating in the Caribbean, it has transcended culinary boundaries, becoming a staple in various cuisines. Its fiery kick symbolizes resilience and strength, often featured in traditional dishes during celebrations and rituals. Beyond its culinary role, the vibrant green pepper has inspired art, folklore, and festivals, creating a sensory experience that resonates with cultural identity. The Chilli Habanero Green is more than a spice; it’s a flavorful embodiment of tradition, unity, and the zest for life.





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